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How to guarantee results

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Fitness Tips

Accountability is tough and more and more people avoid it at all costs. The flip side is that being accountable is also the secret recipe between success and failure. Follow our five steps to stepping out of your comfort zone and into the world where fitness results happen. 



Accountability: ‘an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions’. It’s rare that I start a post with a dictionary definition, but for this one it seems quite apt. Imagine, just for a second, if everyone took accountability for all of their actions and decisions. Politicians, CEOs, prisoners, children, everyone. Nobody to blame – it’s on them. Do you think the world would be better? Do you think people would be happier and more content? The problem lies in the fact that deep down, we know that we often steer clear of being held accountable for our decision and behaviours. I can pretty much guarantee that everyone reading this has not reached the point where physically they feel that everything is being done perfectly for optimal health, optimal fitness, the perfect body. One of the reasons we don’t is because of a lack of accountability. Who is going to hold us to account? It’s our personal goal – nobody else really cares. Even if it means a lot to you, if nobody knows that it means a lot to you, then when you are struggling, your loved ones won’t want to watch you suffering. They’ll encourage you to have that drink, eat that sweet, take that day off from training etc.


Personal training increases your accountability

Personal training, whether online of face-to-face, is as much about holding clients to account as it is imparting workouts. It’s about ensuring that workouts are completed to maximal effort during the session but also that alcohol consumption, food intake, appropriate sleep, stress management and other forms of activity are all accounted for outside of sessions. It’s holding you to account. But one more thing separates true success from mild success. That is that you feel truly accountable to your results. Accountable to yourself, friends and family. The result – better adherence. 


5 steps to true accountability

1 – Write down what you really want to achieve – something that is ambitious, but you’ve always thought possible if you had the epitome of motivation and support. 2 – Write down all of the things that:

    • You need to start doing for this to happen
    • You need to stop doing for this to happen

3 – With your PT (hi!), everything on list ‘a’ and ‘b’, we outline ways to make them possible – especially within your lifestyle ie, we take down any barriers from achievement 4 – You tell those closest to you what the goal is, why its important to you, and how important their support will be to helping you to achieve this 5 – Tell as many people as possible about what you will achieve. [vc_empty_space height=”10px”] Some of these will be scary! Really out of your comfort zone. But consider this: if you’ve told all of your friends that you are determined to give up drinking for the next 60 days, will they buy you a drink on a night out? No! If you just say to your mates that you don’t fancy having a drink tonight, you’ll find yourself drinking by the end of the night. Why? Because they haven’t grasped your dedication and sacrifice for a greater outcome. When you become accountable to all of the good habits needed to be successful, these habits are formed. Not just for the short-term but as part of your life. 


Feeling sceptical?

Try it. Be held accountable. Book a free consultation with us today and you’ll then realise the impact that this approach can also have across the board. Once you take away excuses, you’re left with staring at yourself in the mirror. Hopefully, you’ll prefer the person staring back at you soon. 


Personal trainer, and fitness writer, editor and author. Darren is the founder of Dynamic Fitness Training, a personal training company based in north London.