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Benefits of online personal training

by | May 4, 2020 | Fitness Tips, Lifestyle

Why are we so scared of COVID-19 shortening our lives but not scared of the impact of inactivity? Online personal training could be the health boost that stretches far beyond the next few months. The lockdown has opened up new ways to keep sane. From social catch-ups and quizzes on Zoom to news blackouts and Netflix bingeing. By now, at least, some routine has been developed and new, if temporary, ‘norms’ are being established. One constant, no matter how you look at it, is the importance of staying fit and healthy. If anything, this pandemic has heightened that necessity and perhaps, its awareness. Greater numbers have had to exchange their gym gear for online classes and outdoor running, seeking the physical and mental health benefits aimed at longevity. After all, if we’re so anxious and determined to completely alter our lives in order to extend it due to this virus, shouldn’t we be thinking that way all of the time? Eating well, drinking sensibly, exercising regularly – these principles haven’t changed from before Coronavirus was in our vocabulary. They are the focal points to a longer existence.


New normal for fitness

The goalposts haven’t moved entirely, they’ve just shifted slightly. Rather than going to a gym or an exercise class or a Personal Trainer, you’ve now got to seek alternatives. But the alternatives aren’t starkly different. Previously went to classes? Online classes are everywhere. Some free, some membership required. Either way, available for you. If you were seeing a Personal Trainer before, we’re still here too (for the most part). Some seem to have buttoned down the hatches and decided to come out again when all is safe, but for many, online one-to-one options are alive and well.  


Benefits of online personal training

At Dynamic Fitness Training, we’ve been offering one-to-one personal training sessions online ever since the lockdown began. We use Zoom, Skype and FaceTime to keep our clients fit and exercising. The benefits of hiring a Personal Trainer in this way, right now include:  



Keeping you on track with your goals, limiting your ‘rest’ time during sessions and making sure you never miss a workout.  


Physical fitness

Nobody will ever say that they push themselves harder than a PT does. It doesn’t happen. Your fitness will be greater when you’re exposing yourself to a PT session. Plus, those press up depths and plank techniques always slack a little without that friendly reminder from your PT.  


Immune boost

Now more than ever your immune system needs that added impetus. Over do it with your training and it may temporarily reduce (albeit for longer-term strength) but leave exercise alone completely and you’ll be doing your immune system a damaging blow when it needs it the most.  


Mental health

As much as you may hate to admit it, you always feel happier after exercise, right? The endorphin boost, the feeling of completed exertion. It does wonders for your brain. It does wonders for your mood.  


Social contact

Your interaction with a personal trainer is personable. It’s not like an exercise class where you are more like another number, this is sole focus on you. Your wellbeing. Given that during all this time, you’re often worrying about everyone else, it’s about time the focus returns to you.  


Book your free consultation

The old normal may not return. Certainly, in the short-term. So if you have been putting off your exercise and health routine – it’s time to realise that it needs to become your priority. If you’ve baulked at the idea of online one-to-one training – I insist you try it out. I admit that I wasn’t sure it’d work until I tried it. It’s been unbelievably effective. To make it easier for you to see if it works, you can take advantage of our one free trial session. You’ll soon realise the impact that an online one-to-one session can have.


Personal trainer, and fitness writer, editor and author. Darren is the founder of Dynamic Fitness Training, a personal training company based in north London.